There’s No Stopping BLACKPINK

Just how many times have you already heard of BLACKPINK? The four-piece South Korean girl group who began their musical journey in Seoul just over 4 years ago is undeniably the biggest girl band dominating the world right now.

With a near approaching Netflix documentary coming to our area then followed by their first-ever official full-length album set to drop this October, Rosé’s, Jennie‘s, Lisa‘s, and Jisoo’s fruitful career does not only tune in music. The girls’ fashion impact is also one other thing to applaud and raise your heart-shaped light sticks to. 

Seeing the girls perform live is indubitably a lifetime opportunity; If you have ever been to their concert, not only you are watching a music performance but also a jaw-dropping runway show like its Seoul Fashion Week. Their visual strike is perfect for someone into haute couture.

From attending runway shows together, the quartet now belongs to world-leading fashion houses as global ambassadors: Rosé is under Saint Laurent, Jennie labelled as the “Human Chanel” by fans, Lisa appointed as Hedi Slimane’s muse for Celine, and most of all, Jisoo representing French luxury fashion house Dior. Each member is already smashing records of their own; not to forget that Jisoo has recently landed a leading role in an upcoming K-drama series which the rest of the group are proud of seeing their big sister as a motivation. 

via ELLE Magazine US

Speaking of motivation, just how motivated are they to continue dominating the world? On top of their endless choreography practice and album recording, ELLE Magazine US tweeted on the 17th of September that the girls are returning next month gracing the cover of their next monthly magazine issue blessing the Blink fanbase with high-quality photos on their channel. 

On the subject of fashion and music together, each K-pop group is enrobed in individual style and visuals. Having said that, what is the style of your bias group? Be sure to see what BLACKPINK had to say about their success so far and their taste in fashion over at ELLE.

Raphael Paz
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