G-Dragon’s Friends and Family Shows Off the New Nike x PEACEMINUSONE AF1 Para-noise 2.0

Late last year, the King of K-pop teamed up with NIKE to release his very own pair of the timeless Air Force 1, the “Para-Noise”. But who exactly is this person and why is he influential enough to have been given the opportunity to work with Nike?

G-Dragon not only officially known as the frontman of the legendary K-pop group BIGBANG but also a style icon who made a ground-breaking debut in the fashion industry after turning up to Paris Fashion Week in 2015 as Chanel’s first global ambassador.

“Growing up in the world of hip-hop, the Air Force 1 has always had a greater meaning than just shoes.” G-Dragon said to a Nike spokesperson. “I couldn’t afford them, so I would always pass the Nike store and admire them with my eyes and heart only. For those who loved hip-hop culture, oversized clothes, hats and matching coloured Air Force 1s was the go-to uniform.” he added. Many years later, little did he know that he would become a worldwide phenomenon. In 2016, he brought life toPEACEMINUSONE; his very own label. Even though the release of new products are not seasonal and without prior notice, getting your hands on them are still a myth as they are highly limited.

In recent times, the involvement of K-pop idols in the fashion industry has boomed up; BLACKPINK’s Kim Jisoo signing for Dior and TWICE entering a contract with ADLV has been the hottest discussions in the last few days. G-Dragon’s music activities might be on hiatus and still unknown to the public but his recent works have brought out the inner artist within him. Today, it appears that the production of his label and Nike’s second edition of the “Para-noise” has had their finishing touches as images surface the internet of his dedicated staff, dear friends, and family showing off the pairs they have received in the mail today.

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In comparison with the first issue, the “Para-noise 2.0” is constructed on a white tone upper and contrasting colours but still maintaining all the iconic branding as the first one. However, the new colourway for the staff and Korean exclusive release is accented with a yellow swoosh rather than the original red.

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G-Dragon’s sister has also received her pair though a bit earlier than everyone else, naturally.

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Rumour has it that it is set to release this month at selected retailers worldwide and of course, the SNKRS app. How do you feel about this new colourway? Did you manage to cop the first edition or was it just another L added to your list? Take a closer look at all the pairs received by G-Dragon’s friends and family below and let us know in the comments whether this will be a rock, stock or sell for you!

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