Upcoming Korean Brands to Flex This Season

September has always been a busy month for fashion. Alongside the first leaves falling from the trees, the desire for more layers on our outfits starts to emerge. And like every start of a season, where the urge to elevate our style for the upcoming months reaches all-time highs, we focused on finding new and exciting brands that promise to keep us busy for the upcoming season. Whether you are looking for the next big thing in the Korean fashion scene or upcoming independent labels, we got you covered. Without further ado, we present to you upcoming Korean brands to flex this season.


CHINDOWN was founded in 2019 by Juno Song, Seen Junsu and Kim Chan. They debuted in the Spring/Summer 19 season presenting a minimalist collection with brilliant silhouettes combined with vibrant colours and the catchy motif “Wait, Walk, Photo” drew the attention of Korea’s demanding audience at once. Since then, the label has released two more collections, sticking to their original values. As they state on their website: “CHINDOWN is a brand that started with the motives from our daily life. It will be unfolded in simple graphic works with witty silhouette and different details. We like to present collections that have characteristics of genuine, honest and boyish impressions which are most closely related to our lifestyle”.


This is a brand we loved the moment we became aware of its existence. It speaks about the success story of a young man pursuing his dream to produce a remarkable collection of leather footwear through his outstanding craftsmanship. Jeon Hyunbin was a young architecture student who always visioned of becoming a shoemaker. After 8 years of working part-time in the packaging department of a small handmade shoe factory, he went ahead and turned his dreams into reality. Launched in June 2018 is a brand titled YOWE. It is a combination of two words: YO 耀 and WE 韋 meaning shining leather goods. The brand pursues minimalism, contemporary designs and comprises 2 lines by concept; The Collection Line which represents the label’s modern designs and Essential Line which portrays much more simple and classic designs. Hyunbin uses high-grade leather for his products and are handcrafted by master artisans with more than 30 years of expertise in shoemaking.


Next on our list is a brand that specialises in bags. OSTKAKA is a name that originates from the homonymous Swedish dessert and their first collection was presented during the season of Fall/Winter 2018. The label adopts a feminine and minimalistic approach to its products, redefining bucket bags with bold colours and their signature knot details. Their design team aims to deliver fresh and trendy elements every season while maintaining a natural fashion philosophy that makes their products enjoyable by all generations.


AVERN is a newly established brand founded by Kim Hyungkwon early this year. The label’s first collection was released during the Spring/Summer season and consisted of basic comfortable pieces of clothing suitable for every occasion. Most of their pieces are marked with their signature logo in various styling alterations. The brand is still in its early stage and without doubt, will continue to climb the ranks.


Last but important, RAW IMAGE is one of the labels newly-born into the world of Korean fashion. Kim Jeonghwan established his brand early this year and is focused on experimenting with paper texture on his prints; presenting a collection of t-shirts that delivers the visual sensation of torn or tatted paper in his first collection. The label showcases unique accessories such as rings and necklaces that match perfectly their clothes’ aesthetic.

What do you think of our selection? Would you consider supporting an independent label or prefer the safety of purchasing from a well-established one? Let us know in the comments!

Dimitris Gkinis
Hi! I'm Dimitris, KOBOO's first writer from Greece. My interest in Korean fashion started back in 2018 after being introduced to it by my friend @maxrawling. My favourite Korean brands are AJOBYAJO because of their uniquely proportioned clothes and FLAT APARTMENT because of their modern, yet traditional approach to footwear design.