Winter is Near, Let’s Gather Around the MAINBOOTH

The weather has a habit of changing pretty fast, especially during the winter season. As the temperature drops, the more layers of clothing goes up. The same goes for this generation, youngsters are becoming more and more fashion-conscious and they sure do know how to switch up their wardrobe and warm up whilst staying in-vogue. 


The frosty climate settles down in Korea from late November until early March, January being the coldest month of all. Before the freezing foe hits the picturesque views of Seoul, Korea’s prestigious brands launch their Fall/Winter collections earlier than others would internationally.

One of South Korea’s leading label that launched their new collection first is MAINBOOTH; founded in 2015 by none other than Won Yeongung. Generally known for its varying themes every season, the brand has remained faithful to its principle: “Free from the tedious life, offering items that are basic but never dull”.

It’s new Fall/Winter 2020 collection dubbed “Gather Around There” explores an extensive range of 1995 vintage college style aesthetic. Rugby Shirts, V-neck and oversized sweaters are just some of the accentuating pieces from the cunning assortment. The collection is now available on MAINBOOTH’s website, a limited-time 10% reduction is also applied at the checkout page. 

Raphael Paz
Heyy Guys~ I'm Raph! KOBOO was born out of my love for Korean fashion, music and culture. My favourite Korean brands are RAUCOHOUSE, ADER ERROR, and OPENTHEDOOR. I am also a full-fledged ONCE.