Delicious Treats from A Piece of Cake’s Outlet Store

Summer’s finally here, and that means bright and longer days exposing the true beauty of nature. It also means that Korean brands have already released the iciest pieces from their Spring/Summer 20 collections to keep you chilled while you flaunt your latest pick-ups.

Summer however does not last forever, but the sweetest and most memorable pieces from A PIECE OF CAKE do. The confectionary graphics imprinted on their apparel and accessories have streetwear fanatics and even celebrities yearning for more and more deliciousness every season. The countless restocks of the famous “Oval Logo Blouson Jacket” worn by BTS’ Jungkook has already proven that fact.

Limited-edition pieces or hyped-up pieces typically sell out and some go on the resell market subject to their level of demand. What about unsold stock? APOC has held several warehouse sales in the past where a lot of grade B or unreleased sample pieces are sold at insane prices of up to 80% off.

Also, not to forget that their first European pop-up store put together by director Yeon Seung Ho and international brand ambassador Andy Sama held in Paris, France early this year was a complete success. Not only that the price tags had 40% off marked on them but free gifts were also handed out to all customers at the event.

By all means, we understand that not everyone has the opportunity to attend such special occasions but that does not mean you don’t have the chance to get your hands on some of the brand’s delicious treats. Shown below are the sweetest pieces from the outlet store that are still in stock ready to be shipped in their iconic cake boxes and delivered right to your doorstep!

SS18 Cherry Bear Hawaiian Shirt

₩29,500 (approx. £20 / €23 / $25)

FW19 SCC Necklace

₩12,00 (approx. £9 / €10 / $12)

FW19 SCC Hoodie

₩36,000 (approx. £25 / €28 / $32)

FW19 SCC Reversible Vest

₩44,500 (approx. £30 / €35 / $38)

MONCHOUCHOU SS19 Cherry Bear Denim Harnest

₩32,500 (approx. £22 / €25 / $30)

SS19 TM Denim Pants

₩44,500 (approx. £30 / €34 / $39)

FW19 BHSN Corduroy Jacket

₩69,500 (approx. £48 / €53 / $59)

FW19 BHSN Corduroy Ball Cap

₩19,500 (approx. £14 / €16 / $18)

SS18 Cake Striped L/S Tee

₩22,5200 (approx. £16 / €18 / $20)

MONCHOUCHOU SS19 Bear Denim Carrier

₩74,000 (approx. £50 / €56 / $63)

As can be seen, their pieces are enough to trigger your sweet tooth. Be sure to check out this video highlight from their collaborated event with CAFE23.

Raphael Paz
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