In modern times, who doesn’t even know what Pokémon is? Short for Pocket Monsters in Japan is a game focused on fictional creatures known as Pokémons which we ourselves Pokémon trainers catch and train. The franchise might just be the biggest of all; its roots going back to the early 1980s in a gaming magazine called “Game Freak” started by Satoshi Taijiri and Ken Sugimori. The game’s popularity led to an anime series airing its first show on the 1st of April 1997. Comics, trading cards, toys, clothing, it’s everywhere! You either grew up playing the games on Nintendo devices or at the very least know who Pikachu is.

Do you remember a few years ago when the entire world’s population was captured by a mobile game? That’s right, Pokémon Go! The earth itself was a Pokéball; all of us trapped inside unable to put our smartphones down as we greedily tried to catch them all. On the contrary, it did bring a lot of health advantages as the game was required to be played somewhere. That meant walking to hatch Pokémon eggs, socializing to take control of a gym, and running for your life when a wild Snorlax appears. It wouldn’t work if you were locked up in your chamber with the lights off, curtains closed as you munched away on junk foods.

10 years ago, three Pokémon trainers named Cho Nadan, Park Inwook, and Choi Jonkyu released a contemporary streetwear brand that caught the attention of K-pop stars and rappers. THISISNEVERTHAT rapidly rose to fame and its popularity currently stands at the top of the streetwear game in Korea.

Forget trying to catch any rare Pokémons for now and save your Master balls instead for an upcoming legendary clothing capsule dropping exclusively in the Seoul region of South Korea. The entire team at THISISNEVERTHAT announced that they teamed up with Professor Oak and Ash Ketchum at Pallet Town to release a range of Pokémon clothing and accessories. For some, catching these rare pieces has a very low success rate as it’s scheduled for a limited release in-store and online only on the 23rd of June 2020.

Nonetheless, take a closer look at whats in the collection below!


Long Sleeve Tees


If you plan to own one of these pieces, we suggest that you start leveling up and stock up on those Pokéballs as these will be tricky to catch! We wish you all the best of luck trainers!

Raphael Paz
Heyy Guys~ I'm Raph! KOBOO was born out of my love for Korean fashion, music and culture. My favourite Korean brands are RAUCOHOUSE, ADER ERROR, and OPENTHEDOOR. I am also a full-fledged ONCE.