Looking More & More into Streetwear with TWICE and ADLV

On the 1st of June, heart-throbbing Korean girl group TWICE released their ninth EP featuring the lead single of the same name “More & More”.

As the group continues to introduce themselves to new listeners globally, the girls work twice harder than before to touch the hearts of their devoted fans by their evolvement in versatility, choreography, and vocals. Their recent comeback proved that they are able to adapt to a more mature concept and not only a girl crush vibe. During the filming period, the group’s Japanese line also quoted:

While “Dance The Night Away” had a bouncy choreography, “Fancy” and “Feel Special” was complex. This time it’s a combination of those two.

Minatozaki Sana – Lead Dancer, Vocalist

It’s been a while since we’ve had a comeback, and we all changed our appearances while preparing our hardest for this comeback.

Myoui Mina – Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist

It’s the first time we are shooting with this look, we are happy that we can show the new aspect of TWICE.

Hirai Momo – Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, Sub Rapper

A Youtube Live Premier then followed after on the same day where the girls discussed their album and not only performed the title track but as well as “Sweet Summer Day” lyrically composed by two of the members themselves: Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung.

When a K-pop group releases a new single or album, a promotional period of a few weeks is done to promote their album by performing at various music shows. But is that all there is to it? Fast-growing Korean streetwear label ACMÉ DE LA VIE also under the name of ADLV for short might have just made the leading move that undeniably alarmed all the other brands out there. Running for only under 2 years, the brand teamed up with Korea’s biggest girl group to promote their Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

The collection is now open for both domestic and international purchase via their web store and is priced between ₩59,000 (approx. £40/ €45 / $50) to ₩139,000 (approx. £100 / €105 / $125) ranging from a selection of graphic tees, crewnecks, hoodies, track sets, and a couple of accessories.

For a streetwear label that has just entered the fashion scene, to be able to work with a K-pop group is already a milestone achieved not to mention that this is TWICE we are talking about. Needless to say, we reached out to some netizens to see what they had in mind.

TWICE needs no introduction but ADLV might, I’ve seen plenty of people wearing the new label while walking down the street of Seoul and its meteoric rise is one to applaud but the collaboration with the K-pop juggernauts was rather unpredictable. The Flame Sweatpants worn by Nayeon is a highlight; showing off the glitz and glam of the pop-sphere today. In my opinion, all the Big Logo Website pieces are a bit tacky, simply feels like a billboard and a bit too similar to what MISCHIEF may have done in the past but familiarity and visibility are what they are going for here. I hope to see more of this even its from groups other than TWICE; they can definitely help each other in bringing Korea to the rest of the world.

Jin Suk Yin – Auckland, New Zealand

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of basic logo designs so the sweatpants don’t scream “innovative” to me as a standout piece. The standout pieces are definitely the ones with the heart and doodle designs that resonate with TWICE’s image. My personal favourite is the colour block track set because I’m still on the 80’s windbreaker with obnoxious colour way train. The brand must have pulled some major strings to land this collaboration with them, but I’m worried ADLV would have to rely on big names to sell their products instead of genuine public interest in the collection itself. Although considering that they’re on the second year, it’s a great feat for ADLV to now be on many’s radars. I don’t think the collection itself is anything new, outstanding, or groundbreaking especially in such a saturated market like streetwear but I’m excited for what else they’ll have in store for later releases.

Catherine Chi – Orange County, USA

I feel like ADLV really chose the right group to collab with. Their designs aren’t too strongly street, in fact they are quite playful and quirky; very much like TWICE. I can definitely see both boys and girls really liking this brand as their popularity will continue to grow.

Anna Kazumi – Singapore

K-pop is very popular with Western audiences now. This collaboration could be a gateway for Western consumers to explore Korean streetwear and style.

Rachael Tan – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I always loved TWICE, been a big fan since their debut on Sixteen. They’ve come a long way and is now one of the biggest groups in the world. They have their own unique style but this collaboration specifically showed that they can pull off streetwear too. My favourite piece is the tracksuit Momo wore with the Travis Scott dunks. I feel that the brand being able to reach out and have TWICE collab with them is a major power play.

Hanson Howard – Sacramento, USA

I think the thing that stands out the most for me is the colourful tones they used in their clothing. Also, the French brand name is really unique. I hope they will continue to collab with other K-pop stars and maybe sponsor some in the future. My favourite is the light blue hoodie worn by Mina.

Jeffrey Lee – Maryland, USA

I love that TWICE is collabing with such a small company! It says a lot about a group that isn’t going for bigger names and using their platform to help out rising companies such as this one. The pieces that stood out to me the most were the Flame Logo Sweatpants just because Mina and Dahyun wore them in their recent dance video.

Jen Trieu – Cherry Hill, USA

Chaeyoung really stood out to me in this as her outfit really fits the vibes. The fact that a brand that has only existed for 2 years and is able to get TWICE to model for them really just shows that if you work hard for what you want, you can definitely achieve it. Also, who doesn’t want to see the prettiest girls in comfy clothing? As for the brand’s future, this will definitely open new doors since Korea’s pop culture is so influential.

Angolie Pasten – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

For a relatively new brand to collaborate with TWICE is huge! Working with a girl group who are not only popular in Korea but also worldwide will definitely give the brand more exposure to a broader international market. I really like Tzuyu’s outfit, she looks cute and stands out with the bandana. Jihyo’s outfit looks so clean too, especially with the dunks since they are on trend right now.

Joe Maru – London, United Kingdom

What stands out to me is the fact that in this collection, you can see TWICE’s personality reflecting in every piece. It’s very youthful, bright, and cheerful. Mina’s outfit was my favourite. The Donut Flower Graffiti Tee and the Flame Logo Sweatpants both in white look very clean together.

Jaedene De Jesus – Texas, USA

As can be seen, the response from the audience is nothing but positive vibes to applaud the brand’s partnership with the girls. We would like to congratulate ACMÉ DE LA VIE for their success and hope that this collaboration brings all kinds of new challenges and opportunities for the team!

Raphael Paz
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