A Taste of RED VELVET’s Converse Collaboration

If you were asked to rank the girl groups from the big three, how would it be? The global craze is always all about TWICE and BLACKPINK but REDVELVET’s comebacks never fail to silently put us all in awe, more than enough to justify that no other girl group can steal their spotlight from the big three. “Psycho”, the girl’s latest title track has not only officially earned them awards in every major chart in Korea but also topped the iTunes chart in over 30 countries ever since its release date.

The 5-member girl group consisting of Joy, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Yeri is recognised for having two contrasting themes in both their songs and music videos. Red which represents the group’s bright, fierce and bold attitude as can be seen in “Bad Boy” and Velvet represents their softer, toned-down image as can be seen in “Power Up”.

Moving ahead with their participation in other industries in the parallel world, close at hand with remarkable Hollywood celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson, Justin Timberlake, and Anna Kendrick, the girl’s involvement with DreamWorks has been registered in the history book of K-pop as they introduce themselves as the “K-pop gang” with each member having their own character in the animated musical film “Trolls: World Tour”.

Speaking in respect of Korean fashion, it has certainly evolved over the years due to inspirations from Western culture and social media. It’s not quite uncommon for films to promote through collaborations and merchandise though this causes big surges of fashion enthusiasts to compete with each other to see who can get their hands on the limited products first whether it is for resell or purely content to be presented on Instagram.

Seulgi particularly was called to be the official female ambassador for CONVERSE Korea early this year. Since 2018, no other female ambassador has been present in the company making Seulgi the first female one. Not to forget that she has already taken part in their campaigns before such as the “Fear of God” collaboration and “One Star Ox”.

Being a talented vocalist and dancer, Seulgi’s passion for art is also indescribable as can be seen on some of her Instagram posts. Naturally, being given the opportunity to customise a pair of sneakers is not something she can merely pass up. Recruiting her as the female ambassador was easily the best call CONVERSE has made thus allowing her to further develop her artistry skills outside of music.

On the 19th of May 2020, the girl group member grammed photos of her at the Converse flagship store in Hongdae, showcasing her recent project with the footwear label in promotion of the DreamWorks film. Correspondingly, a video stream went live on CONVERSE Korea’s Naver channel where she further discussed details about the classic Chuck 70s silhouette sneakers she customised. A recorded playback can be streamed here.

Seulgi proceeds to introduce each member in their Troll characters, specifically mentioning that each one was illustrated based on outfits they have previously performed in on stage as well as their hair colours and in what era exactly. Starting off with Green-haired Joy in “Peek-A-Boo” era, Pink-haired Irene in “Red Flavour” era, herself with Yellow hair in “Zimzalabim” era, Blue-haired Wendy in “Dumb Dumb” era, and last but not least, Purple-haired Yeri in “Ice Cream Cake” era where she was the latest addition as a member of the group.

“Aren’t these shoes cute? There’s not only my character but as well as the other members. You can put all the members or you can choose which member you put on your pair! If you pass someone on the street you can tell that they’re a Red Velvet fan so Reveluvs can recognise each other! I hope to see some on the streets as me and the girls will be flexing our own pairs out!

© Translation by Kim Hye Sung @hyesi1004

The use of the Chuck 70s model was smart as it is more durable in comparison to the standard Chuck Taylors due to its heightened features such as the extra cushy insoles, chunkier midsoles, reinforced stitching near the toe box, and most of all the durable double-ply canvas upper. Aside from the sneakers, other merchandise will also be available for purchase at the Hongdae flagship store in Korea though only in limited quantities.

Overall, what do you think about the collaboration? Are you going to cop a pair? Would you have chosen someone else as the ambassador for CONVERSE Korea? if so, tell us who and why!

Raphael Paz
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