The “Jentle Home” Collection fulfils Jennie’s Childhood Dreams

A BLACKPINK comeback is an occasion countless of people are always impatiently waiting for. A few days after their worldwide hit “Kill This Love” released a year ago that hit a total count of 800 million views as of today, the record-breaking girl group also flew across the globe and blew the roof off of the stage at Coachella being the first-ever K-pop group to perform at the giant annual music festival in California. Whilst there is still no latest statement from YG Entertainment regarding their individual solo projects, apart from Jennie who already made her solo debut “Solo”, the rest remains unknown.

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The girls have long since participated in individual projects of their own with various industries giving them the opportunity to enhance their talents outside the world of music. On the 14th of February 2020, Jennie gave her followers a big Valentines Day surprise with a post that captioned “Jentle” while posing in front of a GENTLEMONSTER ad in London. Both Blinks and fashion enthusiasts right away speculated that a collaboration between the artist and the Korean luxury eyewear brand is on the way.

The label was established in the early months of 2011 and paved its way to being one of the most successful brands in Korea exhibiting its own products in an exhibition space rather than just an ordinary store for product sales on mere shelves. Just as much as Lisa’s love for film photography, Jennie’s love for digital photography goes a long way as she aspires to work with renowned fashion photographers.

Just a short time ago, the YG artist contentedly announced her work with GENTLEMONSTER and Hugo Comte; an architecture student who translated his philosophy and creative process into photography after being deeply inspired by the 90s aesthetics in fashion and cinema.

The “Jentle Home” collection set for a worldwide release on the 21st of April 2020 was inspired around the childhood fantasies of Jennie as she reminisces playing with Barbie dolls and houses when she was younger; with the intent to remind us of the fancy dreams we’ve long forgotten while growing up.

Taking a closer look at the highly-anticipated collection, the brand has taken a step further into fulfilling Jennie’s childhood dreams by setting up an interactive chat feature on the official website where a barbie avatar of Jennie herself slides into your DMs to talk to you about the entire collaboration. After, you can then proudly tell your friends and baby Blinks that you have personally spoken to Jennie of Blackpink and see how they react.

Exploring further into Jennie’s fantasy world, the collection illuminates on a set of particular frames, each model available in 3 different colourways, with one of them being exclusively inspired by her adorable pup Kuma, a Pomeranian breed. The curvatures design of the “KUKU” series are balanced by the prominent square silhouette to create a bold statement. The black lenses with 100% UV protection are joined by temples accentuated with a signature gold metal ring.

Not to mention, a small set of eyewear chains accentuated with a signature “JENTLE” logo will also be available to complement the elegance of these sunnies. The collection ranges from approximately ₩130,000 (approx. £103 / €120 / $130) to ₩260,000 (approx. £207 / €240 / $260).

If you just so happen to be in Seoul at this very moment, be sure to drop by the “Jentle Home” pop-up space which is now open for visitors to experience a life-sized dollhouse theme.

The collection will also be available in-store at the flagship stores across the globe once they re-open; Los Angeles, New York, London, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Dubai.

In other news, be sure to check out this video to see what’s keeping Lisa busy during this music activity hiatus in the group.

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