Lalisa Manoban at Paris Fashion Week 2019 as Celine’s Official Muse

Enough about Seoul Fashion Week, let’s fly over to Europe where one of the “Big Four” makes a ground-shaking event. Alongside New York, London and Milan, Paris is unquestionably the fashion capital of Europe. Paris Fashion Week is held twice a year and depending on your point of view, it is either the best time to be in the city or the worst.

Throwing it back to 2015 where we saw BIGBANG G-Dragon‘s appearance at Paris Fashion Week representing Chanel, the exclusive event evidently placed itself in the history book of K-pop. 3 years later, Karl Lagerfield then appointed Kim Jennie of BLACKPINK as the official muse for his label. Her overwhelming presence at Chanel’s Beach runway late last year turned up the temperature even hotter dressed up in a full light blue tweed suit alongside a matching tweed mini handbag, both Chanel of course.

In this present time, the K-pop group BLACKPINK has just concluded their first world tour, Australia being their last stop. It appears that the girls have genuinely no plans to stop breaking world records. Coachella, Fashion Week appearances, magazine front covers; you name it, BLACKPINK really is the revolution.

Despite the tragic occurrences within YG Entertainment recently, nothing is gonna break the bond between the girls and their dreams. The maknae of the group, Lalisa Manoban, uploaded a photo on her Instagram officially announcing that she has been elected as Celine’s new muse appearing as the front cover of DAZED’s February issue.

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@celine @hedislimane @dazedkorea #CoverDazedKorea

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She also posted a BTS videobook directed and published by DAZED Mag and even tagged Hedi Slimane‘s personal account.

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with the brilliant Hedi @hedislimane #ad

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Similarly to K-pop group debuts and comebacks, debuting as the front face of a high-end luxury brand is just as important. Today, Lisa has blessed both “Blinks” and “Hedis” with a photo of them together at Paris Fashion Week 2019. Again, this is another remarkable date to be added to both K-Pop and YG Entertainment’s history.

These photos prior to the Celine 70’s inspired show were shot and published by South Korean freelance photographer Im Jaehyun.

I just expect Lisa to bring her energy as the new face for Celine you know? Like I see Paris Fashion Week as a very avant-garde event, but someone like Lisa makes it very approachable. She carries a swagger about her and she is fierce without being intimidating. Seeing someone like her at PFW specifically says to me that it doesn’t always have to be so highbrow. Fashion can be both sophisticated in a place like Paris but also young and fresh. Also, Southeast Asian representation at Paris Fashion Week? That’s so empowering!

Daniel Anderson – Washington, USA

I think having Lisa being a muse for Celine is a great idea as I see Celine is stereotyped most of the time as being a brand for “white women” so it’s good to see a woman of Asian ethnicity being a representative of the brand.

Blayze Chetram – London, United Kingdom

This will keep pushing her already growing popularity internationally, not just as a K-pop idol but as a fashion icon following the same path as G-Dragon and CL.

Xusi Hu – London, United Kingdom

I think it’s cool how we’re seeing more Korean celebrities being involved with global fashion events and luxury brands. BTS with Dior’s Kim Jones is another example.

Joe Sparks – London, United Kingdom

Celine went 10 steps ahead by making Lisa their muse. I’m not a Lisa stan myself but I can understand why they chose her, she’s elegant and fierce at the same time. Celine has been dominated by white women but to see an Asian as a brand representative, now that’s really captivating.

Kai Nguyen – Dublin, Ireland

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