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Who should you really be stanning amongst all the rookie K-pop groups out there right now? Formed through Mnet’s popular reality survival show, Produce48 is the monster rookie girl group IZ*ONE. The 12 member Korean-Japanese girl group debuted with their single “La Vie En Rose” setting a world record of having the most views of a K-Pop group debut MV.

Fast-forwarding to several months later, IZ*ONE was on a dominating streak of 6 wins on M Countdown with their comeback single “Violeta“. On Episode 615, they then took their 7th win against MOMOLAND’s “I’m So Hot“.

The fandom expeditiously flourished in numbers and an official lightstick was produced and sold to Wiz*ones not long after their debut. Since then, the girls have been enjoying huge success and doing what they love best. Variety shows, game shows, dramas, billboards, advertisements; you name it, they’re everywhere.

At this present time, IZ*ONE is on their first-ever tour outside of Korea and some of you may know what this means. Two words, Airport Fashion. In Korea, this is one of the most unthinkable occasions that fans get to experience, a peculiar fashion runway for the artist/group from drop-off all the way through check-in. As chaotic as it is for both sides, it is still highly a must-attend experience for the paparazzi as it gives them a moment to capture the idol’s style, not from their appointed stylist but from their own individuality.

Now that their 2-day concert in Seoul has concluded over the last weekend, let’s take a closer look at a few pieces some of the girls rocked up in prior to their departure to Bangkok from Incheon.

EGOIST SS19 Two Purpose Dress Jacket

Known as the leader and mother of the group, Kwon Eunbi was wearing a unique piece from EGOIST’s Spring/Summer 19 collection. This silhouette serves two purposes; a jacket or a dress, it’s your choice.

₩238,000 (approx. £160 / €180 / $200)

MGMGSTUDIO SS19 Lace Flare Blouse

The Lace Flare Blouse is one of the key pieces from MGMGSTUDIO’s Spring/Summer 19 range. It is a one-size piece and a matching lace shirring skirt is also available, although Chaeyeon partnered hers with a turquoise blue cropped flare trousers.

₩149,000 (approx. £102 / €115 / $127)

ROMANTICMUSE SS19 Short-Sleeved Tulip Rubin Dress

Hyewon‘s official choice of colour, Coral, was announced ahead of the lightstick release date. Though this dress from ROMANTICMUSE isn’t exactly Coral, her glowing white skin created a beautiful contrast along with her rosy lips.

₩21,000 (approx. £15 / €17 / $20)

HIGHCHEEKS Embellished Colour Block Pocket Bag

Alongside Hyewon is her rap partner Minju. If you are a K-drama fanatic, you might recognise her from the series “The Great Seducer” though she didn’t have this luscious salmon pink hair back then. The Embellished Colour Block Pocket Bag is constructed from synthetic leather, Chamude, Swarovski crystal, and brass.

₩250,000 ( approx. £170 / €190 / $215 )

51PERCENT SS19 Curve Lining Pants

Yujin was a trainee under Starship Entertainment and has appeared in numerous music videos. Although she dropped quickly in rank and was expected to be eliminated in Produce48, she debuted as IZ*ONE’s lead vocalist and lead dancer. The 51PERCENT tracksuit bottoms she was seen in is part of the label’s Spring/Summer 19 collection.

₩218,000 ( approx. £150 / €165 / $185 )


Wonyoung is the youngest and the tallest member of the group thus gaining the nickname “The Giant Maknae“. The tee she was wearing is from INSTANTFUNK and is also available in various colourways.

₩48,000 ( approx. £35 / €40 / $42 )

MAJE Knitted Short Sleeve Sweater

The “Raddish Cabbage Fairy” is one of those especially talented individuals who trained in just under a year. Chaewon was seen in a knitted short sleeve sweater from a Parisian brand named MAJE and was founded by designer Judith Milgrom.

₩200,000 ( approx. £135 / €150 / $170 )

MAJE Layered Gingham Shirt

Yena was a trainee under Blockberry Creative alongside LOONA’s Heejin and Hyunjin. The Layered Gingham Shirt is also from MAJE and is originally constructed from their Gingham shirt and a tank top.

₩233,000 ( approx. £160 / €175 / $200 )

MGMGSTUDIO SS19 Heart Pattern Dress

Born and raised in Busan is Yuri. Her dream to be an idol almost seemed unreachable to her but through sheer hard work and dedication, she only trained under a year and ranked 3rd place on Produce48. The Heart Pattern Dress from MGMGSTUDIO was actually altered to suit her height.

₩152,000 ( approx. £105 / €115 / $130 )

The J-Line ( Japanese Line )

DEEPBLUEPLACE SS19 Blue Pie Crop Logo Tee

You looking for a gamer girl? Sakura is not only already a member of Japanese idol group HKT48, but also a famous video game streamer on Youtube with almost half a million subscriber count. She was seen wearing a crop tee from DEEPBLUEPLACE‘s Spring/Summer 19 collection.

₩35,000 ( approx. £25 / €28 / $32 )

LUVISTRUE SS19 LU Stitch One Piece

Also signed under HKT48 is Nako. Before her success as a celebrity in Korea, she was also an exclusive model for a Tokyo monthly fashion magazine called “Love Berry“. Paired with a plain white tee underneath is a one-piece from Seoul based brand, LUVISTRUE.

74,000 ( approx. £50 / €57 / $65 )

LOOKAST SS19 Floral Ruffle Dress

Very similar to what Yuri was wearing is LOOKAST‘s Floral Ruffle Dress. Also known as “Strawberry Princess” is Hitomi and is signed under Japanese idol group AKB48.

108,000 ( approx. £75 / €83 / $93 )

As can be seen, the girls’ sense of style is truly a mix and match. A variety of tops, dresses, blouses, and a touch of streetwear for Yujin. In your opinion, whose outfit caught your attention the most? The Embellished Colour Block Pocket Bag from HIGHCHEEKS is definitely our top pick and a few contrasting variations are also available on the webstore.

In related news, be sure to check out this shocking video of how chaotic their Bangkok arrival was.

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