Styling ROCKET X LUNCH with Kim Nara

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Amongst all the most stylish Koreans on Instagram, who should you actually be following? Ever heard of Kim Nara? Based in the heart of Korea, Nara is one of the most recognised and deeply admired influencer by many individuals in the fashion scenes of Seoul. From styling, modelling, designing and even vlogging on Youtube, there is nothing this star can’t do.

Back in 2010, a brand named ROCKET X LUNCH emerged from the market and held its popularity status ever since the acknowledgement given by young fashion influencers due to its colour combination design without a logo on any of its pieces at all.

To showcase their Spring/Summer 19 collection, brand owner Jinwon Woo gave Nara the opportunity to style the pieces from the lot and out of her kind heart and colourful soul, she has blessed us with an english-subtitled video of the entire program.

After having watched the video, we have come to the conclusion that the label is really a perfect match for her. After all, the colour-block styling is something we see pretty often on her daily Instagram feed.

If you want to see more of Nara, be sure to check out what she rocked in at Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2019.

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