Two Tees for Qtees

The endless fun during Summer season is always filled with precious memories, and that goes the same for the playful twin sisters who continues to be influential figures in the Korean fashion scene.

If you haven’t already heard of them, Qjin and Qwon are twin sisters based in the heart of Korea, Seoul. The two together are called Q2Han and have been storming their way through the fashion industry as beauty and fashion vloggers for quite some time now. Their Youtube videos are primarily focused on outfit challenges as they travel across not only in Korea but also across the globe, with a total of 418,000 subscribers, they continue to captivate the eyes of many fashion enthusiasts turning them into a Qtee.

Qtees” – Q2Han’s fandom name.

A cute term used to describe a fan of the iconic twin sisters.

Launching their very own label has always been part of the big plan, but a place to put all their ideas together is essential. Back in December 2018, the two met up with fashion icon Cheri for a style makeover at Musinsa Studio. It’s a space provided for creative fashion individuals to start their own business for just a small fee.

At long last, “READY SET Q” was finally born. RSQ was undoubtedly a long-working process and without the countless effort of our hard-working cute sisters alongside Seoul Life, Gateless and of course Musinsa Studio, us Qtees wouldn’t have had this perfect opportunity to access something designed by Qjin and Qwon themselves. Now, let’s take a closer look at the tees!

The first piece is a blue and white oversized tie-dye tee with a flaming text say says “Proud Qtees” printed at the front. The combination of these two colours were chosen so that it is neither boring or overwhelming to be worn as part of a daily streetwear look.

A subtle mixture of pink, orange, yellow and purple hues, the Sprinkle tee has a louder vibe than the previous tee. The printed graphic at the front was actually designed based on their Youtube intro catchphrase.

The text “Sprinkle” is also repeatedly printed on the back of the tee.

An in-depth video about the brand production was also uploaded on their channel recently where we get an exclusive tour around their office in Musinsa Studio and the partner companies of RSQ.

Currently, shipping available on the webstore is only to Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, USA, France, UK and Germany. However, if you would still like to make a purchase then get in touch with them at and of course they will be more than happy to ship their cute tees over to you Qtee.

Just incase you missed it, take a closer look at what they were dressed in at at the last Seoul Fashion Week!

Raphael Paz
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