A Closer Look at TWICE’s Mina’s Look at the “Fancy You” Fansign Event

Being the first ever girl group to sell over 150,000 copies of their recent album in its first week, TWICE continues to dominate the music charts in both Korea and Japan with their first single of 2019, Fancy. The track is very diverse in comparison to their past singles showing a more mature side of the girls, of course completely blowing the minds of every once out there.

To all the K-Pop fans out there, we all know getting a concert ticket to see your bias group is already challenging as it is, let alone getting into a fansign event. The girls recently held a fansign event on the 4th of May in Gangnam to showcase their album “Fancy You”.

K-Pop idols are known to be immensely refined when it comes to fashion, their personal stylists are always under a lot of pressure in fear of being bashed by netizens. That being said, fashion is subjective and with this in mind, a particular member’s attire seemed to have captured the eyes of many during the event.

Japanese member Myoui Mina was dressed a in minimal yet stylish uniform. Let’s do a quick review on what she was wearing and where you can cop the exact pieces from.

The group’s vocalist is known to be a very big fan of Virgil Abloh‘s Off White. The Wrap-Around Blazer features notched lapels, a wrap-around silhouette, eyelets and “woman” embroidery on the back side.

₩2,100,000 ( approx. £1,360 / €1,485 / $2,095 )

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After having previously seen countless clips of the “Black Swan” wearing this pair during dance practices and casual wear, the Nike Cortez is actually a timeless classic silhouette to Mina.

₩99,000 ( approx. £65 / €85 / $70 )

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Despite being a cheap dress-up pair of glasses, the Thug Life 8 Bit retro glasses were inevitably a key piece to her outfit. These can be picked up from wholesalers online in different colours.

₩5,000 ( approx. £3 / €4 / $5 )

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As for her trousers, there has actually been some recent discussions revolving around it. Since it shows no signature logo, tag or any key feature, nobody has actually been able to pinpoint to what they exactly are. For this reason, we have listed a few Korean pieces below that are somehow similar to what she was wearing.

We highly recommend for you to browse the huge selection of pants from STYLENANDA’s webstore and as for mens, it is worth having a look at some of the brands listed above though feel free to use our very own brand guide!

Just as important, after clips and photos from the event surfaced on the net, it shows that Mina has been wearing a mini teddy plush around her neck and we can only assume that this was a gift from a “minari” fan during that time.

All in all, each member is always dressed pretty well especially after a stylist change-over that took place last year. To our knowledge, Choi Hee Sun is still the group’s present stylist who is also in charge of JYP’s newly-formed girl group, ITZY.

In case you missed it, take a look at some of the recent pieces worn by other groups.

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