What We Know So Far About Cheri’s “Mix To Kill”

If you just so happened to be in Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza this past week where it may seem like there was a big dress up party going on until you realised that you were sticking out like a sore thumb, that’s because it was that time of the year again in Seoul where people walk around dress to kill, yes…you were in the central hub of where Seoul Fashion Week normally takes place.

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Whether you were or weren’t there, amongst the number of attendees who has the paparazzi on lock is Korean fashion icon Cheri who also goes by cheristyle_ on Instagram.

Cheri is a Korean fashion stylist, model, social media influencer and a vlogger based in Seoul. After having graduated Fashion Business and Styling from London College of Fashion (UAL), she is a representative of both Korea and UK designer brands and many other global brands over the past few years or so.

With a follower count of 120k, some of you might have already seen what Cheri has for us this coming month and believe us, we are excited as you are! As a matter of fact, us here at KOBOO are a big fan of her work and we can only say that it’s certainly time to see her own label and how she is able to express her ideas in designing not just styling.

MIX TO KILL” is the given name of her upcoming brand and here’s what we know so far.

To our knowledge, the first teaser was from her Instagram post back in early February where we can see a custom phone case by Casetify spelled out “MTK” in sequin fabric material.

Cheri then grammed a photo of her wearing an MTK Round Shoulder Cross Bag not very long after she touched down in London just in time for fashion Week. Again, spotted wearing the bag just before the Ryan Lo show.

Not only that, but she also showcased 2 more colourways at Seoul Fashion Week!

Worn on top of a mint green overcoat and a skirt from Eyeye’s 2018 Autumn Collection is a baby pink MTK bag.

This was then followed by a black colourway with the brand name in a bold neon pink colour perfectly matching the Bind Arms Belt Line Jacket from Oct.3’s recent season collection.

During Cheri’s stay in London, it appears to us that she did some styling work with online luxury fashion retailer Farfetch and with that she completed her office lady outfit with an MTK hand bag in a light mint colourway.

It may come across that she’s only focused on accessories up to this point but with this in mind, MIX TO KILL definitely has a lot more to offer.

Tagged in MTK’s official Instagram account is Korean model, Harry wearing their signature top in neon pink. We can only assume that Cheri plans to release this in a few more colourways, or maybe not. We just have to wait for a full official announcement by the designer herself.

All things considered, if you haven’t already seen Cheri’s Youtube vlogs then check out her recently uploaded lookbook styling video in partner with Head.

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