A Closer Look at ITZY’s Hwang Yeji’s Streetwear Pieces

For those into K-pop, you’ll know who ITZY is and you’ll know who Yeji is. If not, let me just introduce her to you real quick by saying that she is the leader of a girl group that recently just debuted with their top winning single “Dalla Dalla“.

You see, the K-pop and K-fashion industry are like yin and yang, they’re inseparable. In those two worlds, they’re pretty much nothing without each other. K-pop idols are known to be dressed very distinctively, captivating their fans with the most stylish pieces to date especially when they arrive at KBS Music Bank ready to be blinded with hundreds of flashing camera from every corner as they stand in the centre.

Over the years, there has been a slight transition in style. During the era of worldwide known groups such as BIG BANG and 2NE1, outfits were a lot “funkier” shall we say. Fast-forward to these recent years where streetwear and high-end dominates the fashion scene around the globe, idols are commonly attired in the most recent and expensive pieces from brands such as Supreme, Gucci and Balenciaga just to name a few. Although this may be true, a lot also show their love to independent Korean brands.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the pieces worn by Yeji throughout their promotion period.

Yeji was known as JYP’s hidden weapon during her trainee days. She performed in SBS’s survival show called “The Fan” where you can see her wearing a pair of white Parachute Workpants by INSTANTSUPPLYCO. As a matter of fact, this piece is also available in a black colourway along with matching Parachute Trucker Jackets.

ITZY dropped their music video “Dalla Dalla” in early February and achieved a total of 14 million views in just 24 hours. Paired with CHARM’s Sequin Puffer Jacket which is now sold out, is a pair of black Side Pocket Jogger Pants by SETUP-EXE.

As previously mentioned, Music Bank arrivals are more or less a paparazzi-ready stage. For photographers, this is the most precious time for them to get the best shots they possibly can of the group standing right in front of their eyes. During one of their arrivals, Yeji stood out with an expensive beamy blue Tape Down-Jacket from athletic Seoul-based brand STRETCH ANGELS. A red colourway is also available on the webstore.

As equally important is the pair of black Tech Pants by KICHWORK she wore with the Tape Down-Jacket creating a sightly looking contrasted outfit.

M Countdown is the World’s No.1 K-pop chart show broadcasted across 13 countries. Episode 607 aired on the 21st of February where Yeji performed in CRANK’s Basic Turtleneck from their Fall/Winter 18 collection.

Alongside Yeji, the other members also wore colour-coordinated pieces from brands such as BADBLOOD, HIDE, and THISISNEVERTHAT.

Throughout their promotion period, wether it’s a live performance or not, the group seems to be a very big fan of Seoul-based womenswear brand BADBLOOD. On the 24th of February, ITZY took home their 3rd music show win on SBS’s music program, Inkigayo. JYP’s “hidden weapon” gave an awing performance in BADBLOOD’s Multi Line Cropped Top, constructed into a diametric silhouette made from pure fabric cotton and spandex. The brand’s flagship store is also situated in Seoul so be sure to drop in!


412-28, Hapjeong-dong 
Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

All in all, we want to give a massive thanks to their stylist. It’z different and we absolute love it!

Raphael Paz
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