Fly High With Stretch Angels

Are you planning a holiday to Korea? Make sure to book your flight with STRETCH ANGELS! Located in Seoul, the athleisure brand first opened its doors in Seoul’s fashion promenade, Garosu-Gil. The colour-bursting interior design constructed by San Jihye has given the business establishment an entire photogenic atmosphere, an instagram-worthy post for sure. “Aesthetically-pleasing” as one would say.

The retail space features 3 playful themes: air travel, athletics, and holidays. The air travel and retail industry both completely work in their own different sectors. Although this may be true, at Stretch Angels, that is not exactly the case. As the sliding doors open in front of you, a conveyer belt planted with faux tropical trees displays a wide range of bags from their latest collection, stimulating the exciting feeling of travelling to a tropical country for holiday to get away from the chilling winter season.

Further into “Stretch Angels Airport”, a in-flight cabin setting is laid out and carry-on luggages such as hand bags and duffles are displayed on the overhead compartment. This dazzling part of the store really does tempt you for a quick snap, and of course, you are more than welcome to!

@cheristyle_ at Stretch Angels Store Opening Party

Past the on-board cabin experience showcases the store’s second theme interior based on the brand’s motif itself, athleisure. The multi-coloured carpeting is designed as a track & field olympic flooring which leads all the way to a winner’s podium.

Be sure to follow the staircase up to the Angel’s Lounge! The track & field markings lead to a luminous-red room where a faux pool is exhibited with a free standing lifeguard chair. Likewise, equipments used at gymnastic events such as vaults, bars, rings and even pommel horses can also be found here coupled with more of their products.

The track markings then connects to another space where you can find a jazzy boxing ring called “Love Punch”, its name shaped and framed up in neon lighting. Designed with holographic curtains and glaring blue punching bags to complete the artistic look.

At long last, you have arrived at your holiday destination. This part of the store is where a beach market and bar can be found. To our knowledge, the bar setting varies depending on the season collection and possibly an on-going event. During the store opening party, cocktails and other beverages were free for those invited to the event.

Once you’ve decided to spend the rest of your holiday pocket money, make your way to the “check-in” desks to check out!

* Announcement * “On behalf of Stretch Angels Airlines and the entire Koboo crew, we’d like to thank you for joining us on this trip and we are looking forward to seeing you on board again!”

Store Address : 533-3, Sinsa-dong, Garosu-Gil, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Raphael Paz
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